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   This album illustrates various types of street markets, which are essential to creating Nourishable Places, because not everyone wants to grow their own food. These markets sell other things in addition to food, of course, but the street market type is essential to the sale of local food.

   The first example is from Barcelona. This impromptu street market is set up and taken down each day, protected only by the temporary tent structures.

   The Charleston market is anchored by a two-story market building on one end. This market spans three blocks, with cross streets running through. Customers circulate down the middle, with vendors setting up toward the sides, although the building is wide enough that it’s not just a double row of stalls.

   Isola Bella is an island in Lago Maggiore in Italy. Its market is a series of stalls tucked into a row of trees. Both customers and vendors stand on the same side of the stall here.

   The craft market in Negril is composed of many small stalls. The vendor usually sits at the door of the stall as customers shop inside.

   The French Market in New Orleans consists both of masonry-column structures (top row) that are narrower and where the customers circulate around the outside, whereas the metal-column structures are wider, with several aisles of stalls.

   Most of the Pike Place Market is a double-loaded building where customers walk down the center. Parts of the building, however, are wider, allowing for more substantial shops like the one on the upper left.

The Poundbury market building is on Pummery Square.

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