This catalog file contains every tweet I believe someone might find useful, and dates back a decade, containing over 11,500 quotes. Because I tweetcast many events, most of these are quotes from other people. At over 8,000 quotes (not including my tweets), this is undoubtedly the largest collection of quotes of the New Urbanism ever assembled to date.

The quotes database is a PDF file that can be searched by hashtags, the person being quoted, event being tweetcast, or anything else in particular you want to search for. Here are the hashtags I used; I’d really appreciate you letting me know if you see something I left out. One caveat: many of the synonyms are not complete words. For example, one of the synonyms of the #AdaptMitigate hashtag is “mitigat." That’s not a word, but I search with it so I can catch both “mitigate” and “mitigation” on the same search.

A couple caveats on my tweets: I use Twitter for several things, most important of which is working out ideas. This means I put out a lot of really half-baked stuff when the idea first occurs to me, and the people who join the conversation help me really refine the idea over time. So I left a lot of the half-baked stuff in there, illustrating the progress of ideas over months or more often years.

Next year, I’m hoping to have these quotes (plus 2019’s) on a standalone website that is both searchable, filterable, and sortable, just like a spreadsheet. Wish me success with that… but I thought it best to get it out in PDF form this year so everyone could start using it now.

I really hope you enjoy all this, and find it useful!

~ Steve

© Stephen A. Mouzon 2018