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Lovable Buildings Bookshelf contains a growing collection of books that contribute to various aspects of Lovable Buildings.

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First Time Around describes how the previous environmental movement of the 1960s and 1970s died in part because the gadgets it produced were efficient but not lovable

Green Sheds illustrates how rooftop solar collectors, long a poster child for ugly green devices, can be done in a lovable fashion

Engineering vs. Design documents how the ugly green devices contributed to killing the first Green Revolution

Problem 3 - The Carbon Focus shows why a carbon footprint is meaningless if a building is unlovable

Diagramming the Original Green shows the relationship between the foundations of sustainable places and sustainable buildings

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Schooner Bay Block illustrates a sequential method of neighborhood growth that produces more lovable places without requiring a highly trained designer. This method attempts to approximate the same model used to create the Most-Loved Places

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